Welcome (back) Shane Smith Law

It’s always exciting when we cross paths with old friends, and this time is just as special. A few years ago we worked with the team from Shane Smith Law firm to test a few Georgia markets. Now, lucky us, we get to work with them again in a new territory. 

The law firm reached out to Morgan & Co. mid August about our ability to grow call and case volume in one of their markets. The Shane Smith Law team knew they didn’t want just a media buy, but instead a cohesive strategy built upon insight and opportunities. Given we have a strategy first approach to marketing and media buying, and are successful in generating qualified calls that increase law firm cases (and lower the cost per case acquisition) each month, this relationship is a natural fit. And one we’re thankful and excited about. 

Starting this month, our legal marketing team will be designing a custom go-to-market strategy for the Shane Smith Law team, which will drive more cases and reduce the cost per case in one of their critical markets. It’s an opportunity we’re excited to tackle and cannot wait to see the return and value added to the bottomline.